miércoles, 27 de julio de 2016

Alyssa the tree faerie healer of the bark / Alyssa el hada arbórea sanadora de la corteza

When we fall in love we mutilate trees by carving a simple heart with our initials in it. We decorate our homes with hundreds of beautiful furniture that comes out from the factories by thousands and so soon we get tired of them. We write our deepest desires and thoughts ravaging thunsands of hectares of the purest forests to make small pencils and paper where we pour tons of hopes and dreams.

martes, 26 de julio de 2016

Frauleaf the faun guardian of the yew / Frauleaf el fauno guardián del Tejo

Under the thick foliage of the ancient forest of Yewdalaugh, nestled between burly oaks, graceful beeches and mystic rowans stands high the ancient and sacred black yew, the one who has seen the ages of fey, giants and men, the one who serves as home and livelihood for thousands of creatures and beings that inhabit the magical forest.
There under it´s leaves and branches is where Frauleaf the master of the ancient ritual prays and intone his songs in praise of the old tree.

jueves, 26 de mayo de 2016

Yannana the chantress of the portal / Yannana la cantora del portal

No mortal or fae, creature or ghost is allowed to pass through the portal without the permission of Yannana the chantress.Only the mesmerizing chanting of Yannana opens the gates between realms once each of the elder runes are activated and then and only then the thin veil that separates our worlds dissapear during the enchantment. It is then when the magic begins and both the Fae and some privileged mortals are allowed to pass from one side to the other.
Dark lady faerie ooak fantasy doll

miércoles, 25 de mayo de 2016

Fungustus Birch an elf guide to the Upsidedown forest / Fungustus Abedul un elfo guía hacia el bosque bocabajo

Fungustus Birch is without any doubt one of a kind character, he is currently self employed as the official guide in the upsidedown forest right in the path to the Goblin´s castle, there the trees grow from the tree top to the roots, birds slither on the ground and snakes fly high in the sky...

lunes, 28 de marzo de 2016

Scottish female pixie "Oighrig Thousandkisses" / Pixie escocesa "Oighrig Milbesos"

You´re not that wrong if you suspect Oighrig could use some concoction, ointment, or even botox remedy to get those so characteristic lips. Actually it has a rational explanation if somewhat bizarre:

domingo, 27 de marzo de 2016

Scottish pixie "Olghar Armestreng" / Pixie Escocés "Olghar Armestreng"

There is no army in the fae or goblin world who does not tremble at the mere mention of the name of the small Olghar Armestrong ... with just 13 cm ... (tall) has not suffered a single defeat in his long career as commander in chief of the first Furryhaggis legion, being able even to conquer in record time the nose of the ice giant Folmer (we can say that finally the legion was fully expelled by Folmer in one of his attacks of sinusitis, although this part of the story usually is obviated by unpleasant).

domingo, 17 de enero de 2016

¡Mira ! ¡silbadores herbáceos ! / Look! sod whistlers !!

It happened some days ago, couldn´t say precisely when due to my fish memory but it was during sunset when the orange veil of sun´s light softly hugged the grayish winter clouds over the tiny forest close to the village where I inhabit.
There I was, taking a slow walk along an old and dry riverbed, lost in my thoughts, trying to escape out of worries and bounds when I noticed an ancient cracked tree trunk piercing my way ahead. I could have definately overtake it... I could, but did not.. for some reason...
Fantasy creatures ooak sod whistlers forest pixies