lunes, 28 de marzo de 2016

Scottish female pixie "Oighrig Thousandkisses" / Pixie escocesa "Oighrig Milbesos"

You´re not that wrong if you suspect Oighrig could use some concoction, ointment, or even botox remedy to get those so characteristic lips. Actually it has a rational explanation if somewhat bizarre:

domingo, 27 de marzo de 2016

Scottish pixie "Olghar Armestreng" / Pixie Escocés "Olghar Armestreng"

There is no army in the fae or goblin world who does not tremble at the mere mention of the name of the small Olghar Armestrong ... with just 13 cm ... (tall) has not suffered a single defeat in his long career as commander in chief of the first Furryhaggis legion, being able even to conquer in record time the nose of the ice giant Folmer (we can say that finally the legion was fully expelled by Folmer in one of his attacks of sinusitis, although this part of the story usually is obviated by unpleasant).